Promote upgrading by innovation, broaden the road of Mirant.










In China’s development from a big country to a powerful country, the development of real economy is of vital importance. At no time can we turn from reality to emptiness. Manufacturing industry is a key to the real economy. The core of manufacturing industry is innovation, which means mastering key core technology, striving for self-reliance and self-innovation. We should have the spirit and ambition of self-innovation and enhance the ability and strength of self-innovation.

Mirant Machinery, under the beautiful vision of “Clear water and green mountains are like gold and silver mountains”. With screening and sorting as the axis, we will rise up the wings of “green” and “intelligence”, march into the circular economy market, aim at the important areas of national development, and write a new chapter of independent innovation with our heart!

Mirant Machinery adheres to green research and development, green manufacturing, green marketing, market demand and customer demand as a starting point, innovative products iteratively to the market.

Promote upgrading by innovation and broaden the road of Mirant. On the road of innovation, the road is blocked and long, there are hardships, frustrations and efforts, but never stop. Mirant Machinery always run on the road of innovation.

Post time: Sep-16-2019