What’s the advantage of sieving Pueraria powder the by 3-D vibration rotary screen ?

Pueraria powder can be divided into Pueraria starch and pueraria whole powder. It is rish in Kuzdu vine element ,many kind of trace elements such as biological soda,protein,Fe,Zn and Ca and many kind of amino acid.which will be called“United Nations Miiennium Ginseng”
Today, we’re going to learn the characteristics of Pueraria Powder in the process of rotary vibrating sieving in details as following:
1.High efficiency
Screening procession can raise to 1-100% that would suitable for Pueraria powder sieving,also can solve fine screening problem,such as high adsorption,high static,high precision,high density).
2.Fully sealed structure
No jam for screen net,no powder flying,we do need to worry about the raw materials were flying around.it’s Possible to save resource.
3.Facility clean
Easy to clean and replace the net,reduce the blocking problem.
4.Stainless steel
Adopting the imported material,good wear-resistance and anti-corrosion properties.
Small size
5.Small size and can be move easily
6.Mirant Machinery Company
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Post time: Sep-24-2019